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If you have a new product you’d like to share, an event you’d like to talk about or if you simply want to go down the good old advertising route feel free to get in touch with me at fashionforroyals@gmail.com for ideas on how we can work together

Some of the ways you can work with us are listed below:


If we have impressed you with our style and you want to collaborate with us in a Sponsored Post, we are willing to give it a shot! Just write us at fashionforroyals@gmail.com. We are happy to sponsor and/or advertise with a brand, as long as it matches our breed of fashion and lifestyle aesthetics.


We at FashionForRoyals would love to conduct product reviews with brands and companies that have a similar vision vis-a-vis beauty and fashion. Willing to accept proposals by companies in the glamour, fitness, food and travel industry.


If you are participating in a Giveaway running on FashionForRoyals, rest assured that your information will not be shared with any third party – your privacy remains intact always! Do keep an eye out for the eligibility criteria for each Giveaway run for they may differ each time based on the brand. You will have to wait for no more than 72 hours after the close of the event for the winner to be chosen from all valid entries. The winners will be selected at random using either Random.org or Rafflecopter.com – no hanky-panky happening here.

PS: The Giveaway runs will be subject to all federal, state and local laws/regulations.

To my readers and followers, I wish to assure you that all the products discussed on this blog have been tried and tested by me, without my allegiance to any company. Any press samples I may receive for consideration or review will have an explicit statement of the same added to the post; no cheating at all! But regardless of whether self-bought or received free of cost, all my opinions are genuine, based on my personal experience(s) with the products in question. It goes without saying that since my reviews are based on my experience, they are not a definitive pronouncement on the quality/effectiveness of a product; the results may differ for you.

Also, if you have anything at all that you might want to discuss with me, from makeup queries to PR related issues, product reviews and DIY tutorial requests, feel free to drop in a mail at fashionforroyals@gmail.com. I will respond to you as soon as possible.


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