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If you take a closer look, you’ll see that most people around you tend to follow the season’s fashion trends, and it’s often because they don’t know any better. Also, buying what everybody else is wearing seems like the right thing to do. It’s easier, saves time, helps us fit in, and keeps us from facing our inhibitions.

But imitating popular fashion rarely does anything for the person within. It doesn’t show the world who you are and how you want to be seen.

Wearing a fashionable outfit others approve of may give you temporary euphoria, but each time you compromise on your personal style, you rob yourself of the opportunity to feel genuinely fabulous.

At the same time, developing and maintaining your individual style can seem intimidating, and having so much to choose from doesn’t make it any easier. That’s where I can help.

When you hire us as your personal stylist, you’re associating with a passionate, considerate and friendly styling professional who loves what they do.

We thrive on personalised fashion and would love to show you its endless possibilities. We will help revitalise your style, teach you how to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe, and help you develop a whole new perspective of what you can wear and how. You already know how to dress. With us, you’ll learn how to dress for yourself. And we will make it fun, too!


Personal Styling 

You have an eye for fashion and a keen sense of style, but if you get overwhelmed not knowing what styles to buy and which trends to follow, you are not alone.

In fact, many of the clients I have consulted own the most fashionable wardrobes, but most admit they get stumped when it comes to putting it all together. It’s hard work, they say, to consistently create bespoke ensemble looks that reflect their mood, lifestyle, and persona.

Sounds familiar?

What if there was someone who could take the challenge off of you and devote their time and expertise to working out what styles, cuts, fabrics, colours and makeup work best for you?

Welcome to the world of Personal Styling – the fine art of dressing up in a way that reveals your true personality reflects your bespoke sense of style and brings noticeable positive change in your personal and professional life.

The session lasts around 4-5 hrs and includes a personal consultation on outfit choices, occasion and daily life styling tips, wardrobe review and shopping guidance. If needed we can also help you with Personal Shopping experience for a season or particular occasion. Contact us for a customised quote.

How can I help?

First of all, styling is not about discarding all or most of your existing outfits; it’s about getting the best out of what you have, and sprucing things up with stylish additions.

When it comes to styling ourselves, most of us don’t know what works best for our body type and skin tone. As your very own Personal stylist, I’ll share doable tips on clothing styles, colour palette, accessories, jewellery, and makeup tips tailored to your preferences.

I will teach you how to mix and match to create new looks and outfits you’ll love to sport. I’ll take you shopping for select pieces that will add an element of style and practical fashion to your wardrobe.

To sum it up, I am convinced that there’s a fashionista in there, I will just help bring her out.

Following our session, I will send over a PPT detailing my recommendations to help you execute the transformation effortlessly. And if you get stuck somewhere, I’m just an email away.

The intent is to bring about a positive change in your career or social life, so that you can live a more fulfilling life without having to constantly worry about how you look.

Virtual Styling

When you don’t have the time for a one-on-one personal styling session.

The idea of creating a virtual styling service came about when a client wanted to gift a personal styling session to a friend living in the States. The best thing about virtual styling is that it removes the distance barrier – whether you need help with selecting an outfit for a special event, or wanting to renew your entire wardrobe, as your friendly virtual personal stylist, I’ll be glad to assist.

To make it easier, I have listed the details of how the service works below-

How it works

We start with a Free 15 min consultation to understand your needs where I can guide what service will work best for you.
This is an important part of the service as my aim is to give you the best solution for your needs.

Post the Consultation call; we will send you a questionnaire seeking specific inputs on your style requirements, lifestyle, preferences, any particular concerns, and your expectations from the styling session. This is an optional service – should you choose to we can do this over the phone or skype as well.

Once we have the required information, we will curate specific clothing items and accessories that accentuate your body shape and size, and fit into your lifestyle and budget. For future reference, we will also catalogue this information in a personalised lookbook; add links to online stores where each can be bought, along with styling tips for each ensemble. And then walk you through all the recommendations and style tips specially curated for you in a 60 min session.

Time is money, and as your virtual styling specialist, I’ll help you save both.

So why not sit back, relax and let me regale you with my bespoke styling service!


Drop me a line at fashionforroyals@gmail.com to discuss more details Or alternatively fill the form below with your details. 

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