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Fashion for Royals is a Fashion, Makeup and Lifestyle blog lovingly put together by Archana Dhankar — fashionista by passion and digital marketer by profession who currently calls London her home.

Up Close & Personal with Me.

Archana Dhankar

To me fashion is not about following the latest fad everyone’s talking about. I believe fashion is a powerful statement of personal style YOU make when you tune in to your intuitive sense about what makes you look and feel fabulous —  and that’s where I come in the picture.

I bring you tips, advice and reviews that you can effortlessly adapt to you individual style.

Though I’ve forever been passionate about dressing well, there was a time when as a young girl out of college I struggled with my fashion choices. And that’s how the idea for this blog took shape — to help other women who want to look great but could use a little practical guidance on how to go about it.

While my innate love for India’s culture reflects in my experiments with fashion, living in London has added a new global dimension to my sartorial sense. The unique combination lends itself to innovation and creativity in the way I dress.  And becoming a mom recently has only helped widen my perspective on effortless style. I personalise fashion trends to my taste and use fashion as a tool to enhance my life. And you can do it too!

Whether you are a next-gen woman who appreciates understated style with just the right notes of glamour and feminine charm, or someone gently blossoming into the woman she aspires to be — you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Come join me on a fascinating discovery of the latest in global makeup and fashion, and everything in between — infused with ideas that work for you.

FashionForRoyals in the Press:

For advertising and collaborations with FashionforRoyals, please email me at fashionforroyals@gmail.com

Why the name Fashion For Royals?

Because at some point every woman carries a Cinderella dream in her heart — a dream where she magically transforms into a gorgeous princess with minimal effort. And I want to show you that it’s possible.

Know me some more

  • I am wheatish in colour with cool-toned neutral skin — a skin tone that some friends here call “an exquisite feast for the eyes.” I am not complaining!
  • Love experimenting with bold lip colours, burgundy and mauve being all-time favourites.
  • Incurable coffee addict
  • Love travelling to off-the-grid places
  • Controlled shopaholic (yep, a term I invented to best describe how I shop these days!)

What you will find here

My take on emerging trends, fashion week round-ups, authentic reviews of make-up that I have personally tried, Indian bridal fashion, designer diaries, and a whole lot of tried and tested tips on how to effortlessly evolve your fashion quotient. And of course, plenty of posts that reflect my lifelong fetish for scarves, shoes and hats!

Fashion for Royals is not just another fashion and beauty blog doling out tips curated from existing content. Each of these posts — be it a product review, a fashion forecast, a DIY, or my personal take on a popular trend — is put together with a lot of love to bring you information that you’ll both enjoy reading and feel inspired to use.

Have something to say? Let’s connect right away! Write to me with your questions and comments below.

Guest Writers

As committed as I am to Fashion for Royal, I couldn’t do it alone. We have a fabulous team of freelance writers to keep you up-to-date with all hot-off-the-press activity in the beauty, fashion and bridal world. Our writers are as diverse as they come, ranging from college students to working professionals. Be sure to look out for the ‘Written By’ tag at the end of each article to see which lovely writer has penned it!


For advertising and collaborations with FashionforRoyals, please email me at fashionforroyals@gmail.com

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